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Green Beanie Books (Ireland) began with a simple idea from one author: to create a children's story that would be loved and adored for its character, simplicity, and visual imagination. Seanie Morris created just that with his first publication, Melvin The Friendly Bedtime Monster (ISBN 9 780993 352607). Read more below below:


Seanie MorrisSeanie Morris

The inspiration for Seanie's first title is actually a credit to his son, Sam. For a short time, Sam experienced nightmares (as all young kids do), often describing a monster with black hair, red eyes, yellow teeth and orange legs. One day, while spending time colouring in pages at the kitchen table, Sam drew a picture of the monster for his daddy, upon which Seanie "blu-tacked it to the wall in the kitchen, determined to make a story for kids everywhere of the monster who's more afraid of children then they are of him, that's why he hides".

Sean 'Seanie' Morris is the author of his first published work, Melvin The Friendly Bedtime Monster. Seanie was born in Canada, but his family moved to Ireland in 1986. Today, he is settled in Tullamore in County Offaly with his wife Deirdre and 2 children, Sam and Lucy. His working background includes graphic and website design, having been an entrepreneur since 2004, and eventually founded his own company, Dezynamite. This experience has stayed with Seanie as he diversified into book publishing after leaving Dezynamite to his brother, Jesse in 2014. Today, Dezynamite is the source of the printing materials and know-how for Green Beanie Books (Ireland). Seanie is also a recognised venue DJ since 1997 having played in many of Ireland's top venues and clubs, and is a radio presenter on his own show 3 nights a week (Last Orders) on Midlands 103 since 2007. His other main interests include astronomy and macrophotography.


The Artist


The artist that Green Beanie Books (Ireland) has worked with has that something special that can be put to canvas and spark the imagination. Find out about who brings imagination to life below:


Aine MorrisAine Morris

Aine Morris is an artist from Tullamore, currently living in Clara in County Offaly with her husband Earl (who is Seanie's brother) and their three daughters Jess, Lilly and Zoe. Aine has always had a love for art and is passionate about her work. She holds a B.A. in Design in Visual Communications (2008) and a B.A. (Hons) Design for Multimedia (2009), both of which she completed in Athline Institute of Technology (A.I.T.). In 2011 she completed her H.dip in Community Arts Educations, which she received from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) in Dublin.

Aine enjoys experimenting with stlye and various media. When using the mediums of paint and inks she employs the use of skewer sticks for their ability to add different textures and styles on canvas. Other media that Aine enjoys working with are water colours, chalk pastels, colouring pencils, and acrylic paints.


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Listen to our recent interview on "Encore", the arts programme on Midlands 103, when author Seanie Morris was a guest with presenter Claire O'Brien, talking about the book's origins, self-publishing it, and what makes it a unique gift.